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The Success Story

By applying digital marketing strategies to the PENworks event promotion, we secured:


Google Rank Position


New Attendee Impressions


Click Through Rate (Natl. Avg. 1%)

Their Story

The Performance Excellence Network, a longstanding business development organization in Minnesota and the Dakotas, was ready to improve their digital presence with a website update. With their biggest yearly event approaching (PENworks), the Performance Excellence Network came to CWS with one main goal:

Draw traffic to their event registration page.

PENWorks 2016

The Solution

The CWS team implemented digital marketing strategies immediately! Here was our recipe for success:

We set up Google and Facebook ad campaigns specifically targeted to two specific audiences:

  • Previous attendees of PENworks.
  • New attendees with specific interests in leadership opportunities, conferences, and the Baldridge framework.

We planned these Google Ads to boost traffic to the event page:

Penworks Ads

Boosted Facebook posts like this one drew in new attendees:

Penworks Fb

The Success

By applying digital marketing strategies to the PENworks event promotion, we secured:


Higher click through rate on Facebook sidebar


More impressions of targeted new attendees


More clicks by targeted new attendees


Total tickets sold


The PENworks team built an amazing event by successfully utilizing Google and Facebook ads. Together with CWS, they publicized their event and drew in new attendees with digital marketing.

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