Custom Apps Developed to Your Exact Specifications

It takes a lot to ruffle our feathers. We bridge that gap between your ideas and creating something that fulfills those needs. Whatever capabilities you’re looking for, they will be built with the best and brightest programming language, tested every way possible, and you’ll be left with a product that will lighten your workload and improve the user experience.


The Agile Approach for Building Custom Software

We use an agile approach for custom software development. Rather than a strict plan with specific requirements that you may later decide are unneeded, the Agile approach aims to provide you with a better working product through shorter cycles of development and review.

A Process With No Surprises

With the Agile approach you agree on the core features needed, create a small/simple prototype to review, meet on a recurring basis to review progress, and make adjustments as needed. With this approach you end up with a better product and no surprises.

Custom Apps AND SOFTWARE That Work with eCommerce

It’s a digital world out there. We know that you use several systems to do your job and need your software to have capabilities to do it. Our experience and knowledge will point you in the right direction. We provide solutions for a variety of uses, including:

Ecommerce Capabilities

We get the security, user functionality, and host of other factors that come with e-Commerce. Whether you are looking for an overall solution, a way to register and take payments for events, advice on a payment gateway, or a method to process donations, we can help.

API Compatible

By utilizing APIs (Application Programming Interface) we can synchronize your systems to reduce workload and expedite processes. We can even develop an API on top of an application for you to use.

Custom Apps that are Secure

Safegaurd Your App

Have a need to protect user, financial, or even medical information? We have experience in both PCI (Payment Card Industry) & PHI (Protected Health Information) compliance. Not sure what you are required to do by law? Get in touch with us!

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Do you have an idea for a new custom app for your business? Call us Frankenstein, but we love bringing ideas to life, no matter how monstrous they seem.

We talk to businesses like yours every day. We understand the challenges that come with plenty of industries and seriously care about helping you achieve success. Send us a note and let’s get started!

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