With eight locations in the Midwest, Nuss Truck & Equipment offers the highest quality of trucks, trailers, and construction equipment. Nuss employs highly trained experts to deliver and maintain their products.

Nuss established their first location in Rochester, and since then have expanded to seven additional cities in the Midwest. The truck and equipment company has been able to remain family-focused while still providing a professional environment for employees and customers. Now Nuss’ general manager, Mark Nygaard started in the company as a member of the parts department and was able to advance into the position he now holds. Nygaard’s affirmation discloses the overall mood of working at Nuss:

“I like working for the Nuss’s. They’re fair to their employees and they’ve been good to me over the years. My time working for the Nuss family has been very good.”

As a well-established, hands-on business, Nuss Truck & Equipment sought out our help to create a functional and informational website, as well as to implement digital ads to fill positions. So, the CWS team started to get to know the truck and equipment industry.

Nuss Parts & Servicing


Discovery Phase

We found that Nuss Truck & Equipment takes pride in their dedication to exceptional service. They needed a website layout that communicated the same commitment to their customers. Three aspects that Nuss wanted to make sure were conveyed by the website were

  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Loyalty 

These values were already instilled in the management and employees of Nuss; however, the truck and equipment company needed a digital channel that new leads and customers could equally trust.

Nuss’ goals for their new website included:

  • Increasing online sales
  • Offering after-sale support to their customers
  • The ability for customers to request equipment and parts 24/7

In regards to Nuss’ digital ad situation, they had experimented with the common job listing sites and Facebook to advertise their open positions. Nuss had no dedicated marketing team, so customer personas had not yet been developed, leaving their audience broad and obscure. This was a major dilemma for Nuss; they needed to fill positions in all eight locations. Additionally, Nuss wanted to make certain that they were seeing a real ROI before using any more budget on advertisements.

After determining Nuss’ current state, our team sat down with the truck and equipment company to map out the next steps to a successful digital presence and full team roster.

Nuss Mack Truck's

Nuss Trucks

Building Phase

Now that the steps to success were mapped out, it was time to put the plan into action. Filling Nuss’ open positions at all eight locations was the priority, so digital advertisements were developed, optimized, and deployed. Nuss’ desired personas were targeted through the appropriate digital channels in the most suitable geographic locations.

Nuss Website on various devices.

When it came to Nuss’ website, a functional user experience was made the primary interest. It was vital that nussgrp.com had follow-up information on careers at Nuss, including reasons why Nuss is an exceptional company to work for and what sort of openings are available. With this content, ad leads were able to get all of the details handily, making the application process a cinch.

Nuss Talent Areas

Nuss wished to make finding and requesting parts as easy as possible for the customer. Our team implemented a catalog of Nuss’ parts and equipment on the website, creating an accessible inventory and simple ordering process.

Nuss Inventory Page

In addition to their online sales, Nuss wanted to make sure their company culture was communicated through their new site for potential employees and customers alike. By adding content related to Nuss’ history and current events, the truck and equipment business is able to portray themselves as more than a parts store, but a family. Plus, the additional content helps Nuss hone local SEO.

Nuss News & Events Page


Nuss Truck & Equipment was able to improve their website’s user experience and draw in qualified job candidates. Some of their achievements include:


Visits to Job Application Pages


People Reached Through Ads


Growth in Social Media Traffic


Visits to Inventory Pages in the First Year

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