MedEd Web Solutions is a national organization committed to providing software, marketing, and data-driven web design solutions for the healthcare industry. The web-based company offers services for measuring well-being in healthcare professionals, managing Continued Medical Education (CME) conferences, and securely storing Protected Health Information (PHI).

The MedEd Web Solutions brand was created by the folks at CWS to more effectively market our services in the healthcare space. So, with 20+ years of digital marketing solutions under our belt and the space to grow, MEWS was born.

Discovery Phase

Now, with any new company, there will be bouts of trial-and-error. One thing we knew for sure was that we’d be using real data captured by our analytics crew to adapt and fine-tune our services. By basing our decisions on our audience’s activity, we predicted that MedEd Web Solutions would fill the space that was lacking services.

A few tools and services that MEWS wished to gain awareness for were:


The MEWS team was originally focused on marketing these tools and services on their own, but soon discovered that an overlaying brand name needed to be created. By implementing the MedEd Web Solution name, the team was able to more effectively communicate with industry leaders and ramp up their SEO.

During its first year, MEWS didn’t gain much traction due to lack of awareness of its services. Credibility for the Well-Being Index was building thanks to the Mayo Clinic doctors who established the accurate, nine-question assessment. MEWS in-house programmers and developers had built the desktop and mobile versions of the tool, but now we needed to harness its marketing potential.

Once the Well-Being Index started gaining advocacy, so would the rest of MedEd Web Solutions, including MedEd Manager. Creating a user-friendly website wasn’t going to be enough - we needed to initiate a full-fledged marketing plan for each service, as well as for MEWS as a whole.

Well-Being Assessment, CME Event Management, HIPAA Compliant Hosting


Building Phase

The original building phase of the MedEd Web Solutions website consisted of creating a “home base” for our two main tools, MedEd Manager and the Well-Being Index. The first MEWS design also included information on medical web design, HIPAA hosting, and medical marketing strategies.

The website’s blog would help MEWS gain SEO advantages once keyword research and composition had been done. Outlining articles in which had scholarly publications as sources was essential to the Well-Being Index’s credibility. MedEd Manager-featured blog posts needed to inform the reader about the different aspects of marketing CME conferences and materials.

In addition to the blog, MEWS needed people to see how its tools worked and how they could help healthcare businesses reach their goals. So, live demos of both the Well-Being Index and MedEd Manager were developed.

Physician Well-Being Index Demo

MedEd Manager Demo

The data we began to collect from the website told us that implementing inline offers in place of landing pages was the more effective route. This strategy would hopefully improve user experience, something that is always at the forefront of our digital approaches.

WBI Inline Offer

After we knew that the MEWS services could hold their own, we planned a website redesign. This redesign would be rooted in the data that our analytics experts had collected on user activity. A more cohesive layout and on-page content strategy was drawn out and mocked up. Once the details were in place, the improved MedEd Web Solutions website was launched.

MEWS Website

Another marketing endeavor was digital text and display ads to promote the Well-Being Index and MedEd Manager. Paid advertisements were aimed at specific audiences and deployed on relevant social fronts.

MEWS Display Ads


The MedEd Web Solutions crew was able to pull off the following feats:


Overall User Increase


Organic Search Increase


New Sessions


Increase in Form Submissions


Page Views Increase


New Customers

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