Main Street Dental Clinics (MSDC) are a local affiliation of staff and doctors who believe in honest, comfortable dentistry. MSDC built a successful business throughout Southeastern Minnesota and sought out our expertise in the digital marketing and design realm. To further their mission, MSDC wished to establish modern branding and an influential web presence, while still preserving the integrity of the original vision.

Now, thanks to a growth-driven design strategy, MSDC has been able to continually improve their website and marketing efforts due to ongoing data collection and execution.

Discovery Phase

In the beginning, MSDC’s logo was a focal point of the brand’s redesign. Research for the new logo consisted of

  • studying and taking elements from the original logo,
  • attaining the elements that make up a modern toothbrush,
  • and studying font and color psychology.

Throughout the discovery phase, the doctors from all five locations were consulted about the research CWS was collecting for MSDC’s marketing efforts. New elements, like a locations page and patient testimonials, were carefully considered and designed according to extensive research and the doctors’ approval.

Building Phase

After the initial research had been conducted and blueprints drawn, construction commenced. Evidence-based materials that were created for the MSDC brand included:

  • A modernized, mobile-friendly website
  • A clean, new logo to match the website’s new branding
  • patients’ portal for easy appointment requests


The newly-designed website now needed to fulfill a larger purpose than just having an aesthetically pleasing layout; it needed to convert site visitors into customers, and grasp the agile marketing method to continually increase traffic. CWS decided to address these needs with details including professional photography and forms on each page. Forms included on MSDC’s website are on-page, as well as inline offers, which have proved to be a quick and easy way for users to fill out their information.

Free Dental Exam & X-Rays


Now that the website and branding was in order, it was time to attract visitors. CWS collaborated with Main Street Dental to create a digital ad presence, and subsequently, an advanced ad tracking method. The digital advertising led to more visits on the new website and Facebook page, as well as tons of new patients gained from the online forms.


In addition to increased website leads, Facebook leads, and new patients, Main Street Dental was able to capture:


Increase in organic traffic


featured Google Snippets for blogs


Increase for local traffic


Increase in views to contact pages

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