Electro Watchman had been seeing a lot of success as one of the Upper Midwest’s most trusted fire and security service providers, and they were ready to optimize their website for search engine ranking. Watchman had built virtuous and devoted relationships with the current clientele and was searching for ways to amplify the message of trusted security to others.

To convey their message to more communities, Electro Watchman agreed to a Website & SEO Insights Consulting plan. This tailored plan assisted Watchman in optimizing their website’s content for search engine crawlers, ultimately catapulting their listing onto the first page of Google, and increasing click-through-rate.

Discovery Phase

The discovery phase for Electro Watchman consisted of a complete SEO audit and overhaul. Our data analysts reported Watchman’s current state of SEO and provided strategic suggestions to improve the website’s search engine opportunities.

Another key element that contributed to the discovery phase was the implementation of advanced tracking and analytics tools. These tools allowed the CWS team to immediately track the success of SEO strategies. The continual analytics tracking resulted in evidence-based suggestions for the Watchman team to steadily increase their reach throughout new and neighboring communities.

A third integral part of Electro Watchman’s discovery phase was the need for a local SEO strategy. Suggestions the CWS team made included creating website pages that boost local SEO, implementing user-friendly features on the website to decrease bounce rates, and completing online accounts for several online business directories.


Building Phase

Throughout Watchman’s first cycle with the Website & SEO Insights Consulting plan, CWS data analysts carefully reviewed the website’s current SEO state, and reported on elements that needed to be tweaked or added for successful ranking efforts. Then, keyword-focused content was created to reach Watchman’s potential clientele.

Electro Watchman Website

Throughout the building phase, analytics were consistently tracked and used for new suggestions on improving SEO efforts and website accessibility. In regards to the website’s click-through-rate, forms and calls-to-action were added which allowed greater accessibility to services visitors were searching for.

Electro Watchman CTA

Content on service pages was overhauled and boosted with key phrases that Electro Watchman had a significant chance of ranking for according to the data. Additionally, the About Us page was enhanced with content to increase time-on-page metrics.

Electro Watchman Commercial Security Content


Electro Watchman entered into the Website & SEO Insights Consulting plan with a solid customer base but wished to increase their reach through evidence-based digital marketing tactics. 

The overall improvement in keyword performance for Watchman is also noteworthy. The home and commercial security company was coming up on the bottom of the second page (and worse) of Google in search queries such as “security systems Fargo ND,” and “St. Paul home security systems.” Now, Electro Watchman shows up on the first page of Google for such phrases.

Overall, the CWS team helped Watchman achieve:


Increased Google traffic


Increased new users


growth for Contact Pages


growth in visits to Contact Forms

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