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Your Minneapolis-based operation needs to stay ahead of the game; and the name of the game is digital marketing. CWS is proud to be able to serve such a thriving and revolutionary city

Whether your trade is healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, eCommerce, retail, or anything beyond, you don’t have time to worry about inbound marketing or growth-driven design strategies.

Leave that to us!

Appealing to businesses or individual clients takes specialized content and targeted distribution. But, however you look at it, building relationships and nurturing trust is always at the center. Fortunately, we have a team of builders and nurturers.

We can help your data-driven Minneapolis business break through walls you never thought possible.

Some services we provide in Minneapolis include…


Web Design

Web design for Minneapolis companies is an art in its own. We’re experts in creating the perfect balance between design and function. Not only will your website be updated for today, but our growth-driven design method will allow your site to continually improve and avoid stagnation. Our expert data analysts will habitually measure your site’s performance, and make suggestions on next steps. You will stand out from the mass of Minneapolis brands while visibly increasing your ROI.

Minneapolis SEO


Search engine optimization can seem like an overwhelming idea at first. Luckily, our team of analysts and content writers are pros at SEO for the Minneapolis area.

Minneapolis SEO tasks we cover include:

  • Creating detailed reports of SEO traffic - organic, direct, referral, and social.
  • Analyzing and reporting on keyword performance and ranking.
  • In-depth content analysis.
  • SEO-focused content creation.

Don’t get buried under the burden of your SEO to-do’s - you have more important things to worry about!


Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are a great way to streamline a process in your company that is normally time-consuming. Thinking your Minneapolis business needs an app in place of a spreadsheet?

Here are some more things to consider about custom app development in Minneapolis:

  • An agile approach to development - rather than a strict plan - will allow for a better working product with features you actually need.
  • A process without surprises will grant your app the core features it demands, and any adjustments will be made as you see fit.
  • Ecommerce capabilities for your mobile app need to be secure as well as user-friendly.
  • API (Application Programming Interface) compatibility synchronizes your systems to reduce workload and expedite processes.
  • Being PCI (Payment Card Industry) and PHI (Protected Health Information) compliant is crucial to protect any user, financial, or even medical records. Make sure you know what you’re required to do by law!

We’ll work with you to get the exact features your custom mobile app needs while saving money, time, and following all security protocols.

Ecommerce Marketing


It’s clear that commerce is moving to the web in a major way. This means strategically marketing your ecommerce website in Minneapolis and beyond is crucial to your brand’s success. We’ll make sure you understand every step of your ecommerce marketing strategy from launching to filling orders.

Whether you have a small Minneapolis business, or your brand is an international mogul, we can help harness its energy and guide it in the right direction. Minneapolis ecommerce is evolving wildly, and as it grows, lines between the digital and physical worlds become more blurred. Luckily, we are experts in navigating:


Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing in Minneapolis guarantees results. Obnoxious billboards are a thing of the past. Instead, inbound marketing is made up of things like:

Content creation - We use the right content to attract leads from many different platforms.

Lifecycle marketing - We determine a lead generation process, develop personas, and create workflow strategies to increase engagement.

Complete personalization - Customizing your brand’s message for specific buyers and lifecycle stages is crucial to bringing in customers to your Minneapolis business.

Multi-channel distribution - The fruits of your labor really start to show after the deployment of the message. Plus, we’ll continually improve and update your marketing efforts.

We can help your business spread its message effectively and for the best dollar value.


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