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Education and Certifications

All interns leave CWS with at least TWO certifications from Hubspot or Google. By having these certifications on your resumé, potential employers see that your onboarding will be much quicker than those without. You’ll also learn about other platforms that today’s businesses use every day.

Freedom and Flexibility

We understand that summers are busy and you’re trying to get the most out of your break from school. With part-time internships, remote work, and online meetings, our freedom and flexibility is hard to match!

Experiential Learning

Interns get to experience all aspects of our business. From helping with our internal business and brand development, to working with multiple clients in all kinds of industries, you will have hands-on opportunities. Interns will be given meaningful assignments that will add exponentially to your knowledge bank. The experiences and connections that are gained here make for a substantial foundation to continue building upon.


Fun Work Environment

We strive to have a positive culture and work environment for all employees. That’s why we applaud out-of-the-box thinking and ground-breakers. It’s also why our workplace is drama-free (really)! As a part of the CWS team, you will be included in all office activities. Healthy (and not-so-healthy) snacks, lunch outings, company events, foosball, all the coffee you can drink, and funny YouTube videos keep us happy and hard at work.

Leader Accessibility

We do things differently around here. There’s no chasing around upper management to get some guidance or a simple question answered. Someone from the Leadership Team is always around the office or an instant message away. Interns are also in contact with the company founders every day. There are tons of opportunities to learn and even gain a mentorship from a digital marketing expert.

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