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It all started for Shane when he was working in an office supplies and computer store. Always having an interest in art and a love for computers, he remembered seeing advertisements for the Art Institute Online on numerous occasions and thinking, “is this something I can handle with three very small children at home and a full time job?” So one day, Shane made the difficult decision to enroll in the web design program and at the start of the next semester, he was buckled up and ready to go. It took two years of staying up late, many times past midnight, reading lectures and doing homework.

Shortly after completing the program with the Art Institute Online, Shane landed his first web position in Fargo, ND as a web developer. They slowly started pushing him into more of a programming role, which Shane enjoyed, and a year later, found a better opportunity as a programmer back in his hometown, Dickinson, ND. There, Shane learned his programming language of choice, Ruby, which he worked in for over three years using a framework for Ruby known as Rails (Ruby on Rails). Then in 2012, a vacation to visit his brother in Rochester magically turned into the position he has today.

After being a part of CWS for about two years, Shane was asked to join the leadership team. He's been helping lead the team and its members ever since.

Shane is married to his beautiful wife, Stacey, and they share three amazing children together: Brooklyn, and twin boys, Peyton and Cole. Shane has a passion for sports, technology, music, and movies.

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