Sam Malone

About Sam

Ever since he was a boy, Sam has been figuring out how things work. It started with toys, then radios, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, cars, and after high school, powerful computers. He learned what makes servers tick by attending the U of MN in Minneapolis, plus a whole lot of researching on his own. The U of MN granted him with a degree in Information Technology Infrastructure which, coupled with his research and experience, means he can build just about any type of system behind a particular service.

That’s exactly what he does at CWS. Sam designs new web infrastructures for our clients and maintains the existing ones. A typical day is spent architecting logical designs for service delivery, maintaining security policies and managing audits, monitoring CWS systems, and configuring systems through various consoles.

Sam lives with his young family in Stewartville, MN. When not behind the desk, he enjoys boating, fishing, hunting, driving fast toys, and just being outside with family and friends.

Recently, Sam has started a part time business in the tree industry; check out the Root River Tree Service Facebook page.

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