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Ricky was born and raised in Rochester, MN and has been living there all his life.  He attended John Marshall Highschool and completed a year at Rochester Community Technical College. Growing up, Ricky stayed busy with sports - playing soccer in the spring and summer, football in the fall, and hockey and basketball in the winter (needless to say, he’s a sports fan). 

But his one true passion started at the age of 4. Music! His parents would take him to their band practice and gigs, and after experiencing the audience’s reactions to the music, he was motivated to start dabbling. Over the years, he learned how to play instruments and began creating his own music by age 14. He formed a group with childhood friends resulting in songs and videos that generated millions of views. Before he knew it, Ricky and his band were booking their own gigs, travling to cities across the country, and performing in front of thousands of people.

Ricky lives with his highschool sweetheart Amanda and their son, Rylin (they have another child on the way!). Rylin keeps Ricky busy with his own love of year-round sports. Outside work, Ricky loves spending time with family and friends, creating music, traveling and doing anything sports-related. 

Ricky has been in the customer service field for over 10 years in a variety of departments including: repair, billing, retention, and sales. His goal was always to help people, whether it be through music, customer service, or a completely different career path. CWS was a great fit for Ricky because it gives him the opportunity to help people on a larger scale. He looks forward to helping his clients identify burnout in the workplace so they can seek help and ultimately save lives.

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