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About PJ

PJ was born in Oak Park, IL and spent most of his childhood growing up in the Chicagoland area. Living in a densely populated area, PJ flourished as a leader amongst his peers, and started a small neighborhood club with the neighborhood kids and his siblings. Their summers were spent working a Kool-Aid stand and selling pin-back buttons door-to-door. It was at this early age PJ discovered his passion for entrepreneurship, growing businesses, and building computers.

Just as PJ was reaching his teenage years, his parents decided to make a change and they moved out of the city and up north to Hayward, WI. With the internet just starting to take off, his mother published a website to sell the pin-back buttons he was manufacturing and selling door-to-door. Buttons4Less.com was created, and because it was the only button company on the internet, business started coming in quickly. During his final year of high school, PJ had an idea that color and user experience encouraged different types of people to buy. With a $500 loan from a friend and a weekend of time, he launched his first website, AffordableButtons.com. This new website had a more conservative color scheme and user experience than Buttons4Less.com. It wasn’t long after the launch that AffordableButtons.com became the top button company online and still to this day is known as one of the largest pin-back button manufacturing companies in the US.

Working in the family business most of his professional career, PJ has held every employee position. From manufacturing, to sales, to graphic design, to the all things IT manager. That experience helps PJ accurately identify client needs, marketing strategies, and budgets, as does having tons of experience in problem solving and creative brainstorming.

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, snowboarding, fishing, outdoor activities and spending time with his family. PJ also has an interest in public service and giving back to his community.

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