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Growing up in Kennedy, MN - a town of roughly 200 people near the Canadian and North Dakotan borders - Dustin was active in sports and had a strong interest in technology. When Dustin was young, his family purchased a Macintosh Perfoma 850, which had HyperStudio installed on it. It was a fascination with building Hyperstacks that most likely led Dustin down the road to becoming a web developer.

After high school he attended Alexandria Community and Technical College where he earned his degree in Communication Art & Design. However, while attending school, took optional classes in web design and found the same interest he found in HyperStudio.

After graduation, Dustin worked for a print shop doing pre-press work including print and apparel design. He also decided to start down the path of becoming a web developer. When his wife accepted a job at Mayo Clinic, they made the jump to Rochester, and he took a position developing online television websites and designing magazines in Kasson. After four years, he made the change to a development company where he could work on a variety of different sites.

Dustin's technical specialties include HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, Print/Apparel Design, jQuery, and the Adobe Suite.

When not working at CWS, Dustin enjoys spending time with his wife Bekkie, as well as their son Archer and dogs Finnegan and Cooper. He also enjoys playing baseball, watching sporting events, and hip-hop music.

In 2017, Dustin, Bekkie and Jonny Yucuis started a music event company called mytownmymusic.com in an effort to help grow the Rochester live music scene. Dustin uses his marketing and event planning skills to help CWS clients, in addition to his own company.

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