CWS Launches New Website


In the last 24 hours CWS launched our redesigned website. The cutting edge website was designed to serve our existing clients more efficiently, tell our story more dynamically and allowed CWS designers to experiment with future technologies.  “I kept trying new things (which I think made it better in the end) and that means it […]

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What Facebook Hashtags Mean To Your Business and Why You Should Be Using Them


Facebook has officially launched its long rumored support for #hashtags. Like many social networks utilizing these tools, Facebook has now become a more robust search engine for discovery and creation of content and engagement for businesses utilizing this feature correctly. Here are some of the questions we see trending about hashtags and business…   What […]

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Crafting Your Message & Measuring Results

This powerful seminar, part of the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce’s Marketing Today Series, will give you the tools you need to write a fantastic message. No more writer’s block and no more wasted dollars! Part I – Crafting Your Marketing Message The correct message is part art, part psychology and part science. A poorly crafted […]

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“Heroing” Trend Hits Web

Recently, a new addition joined our family, the CWS Hero.  He’s been busy, working hard in the office and helping the team out.  “I love making hot chocolate, with the whippy cream”, he said, when asked what his favorite task was.  Of course, this is when he is actually working and not traveling or visiting […]

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