3 Common SEO Lies You Still Believe

3 Common SEO lies (1)

SEO best-practices are always changing, and it’s easy to see that what worked yesterday—or even a few weeks ago—might not work today. Despite this, there are many websites using outdated methods, and we even hear of marketing consultants advising these ineffective tactics. Here’s our list of three SEO no-nos: 1) Keyword Stuffing How it works […]

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The Apple Picking Story Unpicked

Did you work out what it was all about? In the previous post we looked at the story of five apple pickers and their fortunes. The entire story is a great metaphor for the SEO process. How? The apple pickers are website owners. The apple trees are keywords and the apples are website visitors. Remember […]

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The Apple Picking Story

This is a truly ancient story that is told by many professors in business schools the world over. The message behind the story has now been given a 21st century twist, and the tale is now used to teach web designers and business undergraduates the principles of good SEO. We’ll look at the story first, […]

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