Make Your Website Your Best Salesperson

Best Salesperson

Your sales team is valuable (especially if you’re the only one selling), but it’s easy to ignore the most important salesperson on your team—your company website. Most websites are allowed to do as little work as possible, and when a prospective client comes to visit, all it does is hand out a brochure and then […]

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CWS Closed for Memorial Day 2015

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The CWS office will be officially closed on Monday, May 25th, in honor of the Memorial Day holiday. The CWS team is humbled by the loyalty and sacrifice made by men and women in service of the United States. CWS team members will be spending time with family and friends in observance of this national […]

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Meet CWS: Megan Ludens

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Tell us what you’re busy doing at CWS: I’m still getting used to the CWS lifestyle (which is pretty awesome, by the way!) but it seems like I’ll be doing a lot with content type marketing.  Social media and blogging type projects are kind of my home base right now. Describe Yourself Using One Word: […]

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