CWS is a Google AdWords Partner!


How Did We Accomplish This Awesome Title? To earn our Google Partner status, we had to complete a set of requirements designed to challenge and expand our digital marketing knowledge. With this knowledge, we apply “best practices” to all campaigns we manage. The Google Partners certification process includes taking and passing (80% or higher) at […]

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Writing For the Web Part 2: Be Authentic

writing for the web

In 2010, I wrote Writing For the Web: Using the Correct Voice. Everything in that article is still relevant, so I recommend reading it. Since 2010, companies and individuals are more attuned to writing for the web versus other mediums. Today’s main marketing problem is getting people to listen. Marketing is ubiquitous, with social media […]

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5 Steps to Web Success: A CWS Case Study

Main Street Dental Clinics Logo

In an earlier blog post, we showed the process that our graphic designer, Sarah Link, underwent as she re-created Main Street Dental Clinic’s (MSDC’s) logo. Today, we’ll walk through the five steps MSDC took to transform their digital environment and achieve measurable success. Step 1) Establish Project Goals The Goals Convert site visitors to customers […]

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3 Common SEO Lies You Still Believe

3 Common SEO lies (1)

SEO best-practices are always changing, and it’s easy to see that what worked yesterday—or even a few weeks ago—might not work today. Despite this, there are many websites using outdated methods, and we even hear of marketing consultants advising these ineffective tactics. Here’s our list of three SEO no-nos: 1) Keyword Stuffing How it works […]

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Meet CWS: Alex Slack


Tell us what you’re busy doing at CWS: I’m training like crazy for my new position as a Project Manager! Describe Yourself Using One Word: Enthusifunrious! (Enthusiastic + Fun + Glorious) Hometown: Park Ridge, IL Family: Birthed by parents. One husband so far.  No human offspring. Hobbies/Interests: Yes! Favorite Sports Team(s): 1984 Russian Figure Skating […]

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